Instruction Design/Visioning Process

To facilitate the visioning process, the architect, Huckabee, and the district worked with an educational consultant - Engage! Learning, Inc. - to ensure that the voices of DSISD students, staff, parents and community are heard and incorporated into the planning process.




Parents, students, businesses, the community



Selected team of 35-40 members of all stakeholders



Design Team



Design Team or

Create Team (to diversify input)



District Staff assigned to goals



Focus groups





Design Team





Meetings in the Fall



Meetings in the Fall





Meetings in the Fall




Build capacity for future-ready thinking. Gather broad-based input for the learner profile and systems design



Determine and invite team members





Design a framework of shared beliefs and learner profile/outcomes


Create goals for systems based on learner profile/outcomes (e.g. grouping, grading, schedule, learning platform/environment, etc.)


Develop and champion actions aligned to the goals (e.g. courses, training, tech, etc.)


Timeline 1. Engage Community | May 29 & June 2 Engage Learning will work with the superintendent and team to identify and invite stakeholders to focus groups to provide input on the future-ready student. Engage will construct website for client to house all information, data, and documents. Engage will work with the district to create a Design Team that will represent all aspects of the community.
 2. Problem Definition | June 9 Engage Learning will facilitate an interactive dialogue with the Design Team to outline all questions that need to be researched and answered through the lens of the design framework. Information from the focus groups will be analyzed and synthesized as part of the process of decision-making. In addition, the Dripping Springs ISD Graduate Profile will provide the foundation for the process of determining what the learning environment needs to be to support the development of the students toward the end of the Graduate Profile. This meeting will result in an action plan for conducting research and answering questions by next meeting.

3. Programming and Preliminary Review | June 16 & 25 Departmental stakeholders will be brought together in work groups to review preliminary programming. They will have the opportunity to discuss specific needs and structuring of programs, providing input from an expert point of view. 4. Strategies and Action Steps | June 26 Research that the Design Team has gathered will be shared, questions answered and information categorized by strategy. Engage Learning will facilitate the Design Team in creation of performance indicators for each goal for the instructional design and design principles for programming. 5. Conceptual Design Session | July 14 & 15 Departmental meetings to provide additional input to the design team. In July, the Visioning Team spent two full work days, including additional research time by individual team members, to create strategies to give direction for the learning that will not only occur in the new instructional facilities, but also will fulfill the DSISD graduate profile for ALL students in DSISD. This is the beginning of many discussions that will continue throughout this school year in order to provide only the BEST education for Dripping Springs students.
Completion of Visioning Process

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